Top 5 Most Iconic FPS Games of This Generation

FPS games are wonderful, great and exciting especially if you can be patient. These games come with sophisticated and elegant interfaces that can help to improve your gaming skills and experience. Take a ride and see the top five most iconic FPS games of all time.

The Darkness 2:

This is simply a love storyline that you will like. The Darkness 2 depicts the story of a former mobster that is trying to understand what happened to his deceased girlfriend. This mobster went to annihilate enemies with the help of demonic tentacle powers and large automatic weapons. The mobster ensured to use both methods at the same to ensure total elimination of his enemies.


This is a combative story with a comprehensive description of being in the shooting industry for over twenty years. The main character in the game spent a lot of years trying to understand the basic regulations and rules prior to mixing up with other people to form a new team. The gameplay experience in the game is different due to a plethora of characters. Each of the nine characters in the game has the capability of becoming potentially great.

Star Wars Battlefront:

This is a first-person shooter game that has tons of amazing activities to offer. For some of the most popular figures in the Star Wars world, this game is almost a near-simulation mode. It is sort of an ancient figured game than the original film. The studio hallmarks can still be found in the game. This includes gorgeous graphics, specialized weapons and classy variety. Each of the mentioned items above has passed through the lens of the sci-fi world.

Honorable Mentions:

This is an influential and amazing FPS game with a secure environment. Honorable mentions come with a gamut of genres that will keep you busy from begin to the end. The shooter game also displays the sense of craftsmen in a given industry trying to display their competence. While there are deceptive scenes in the game, you will also learn about people of the masterclass intelligence.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops 3:

This game depicts a World War II generation shooter recreation. It helps you see how the war was fought in a tense and tough platform. There are games that help to explain the Vietnam War, Cold War, and even modern-day battles. Call Of Duty is also a kind of game that will help to give real-time battle scenarios. The CoD legacy is a pure projection of the Black Ops 3 known as the current Goldilocks. This implies that the scene remains in the middle and feels perfectly right about it.

FPS games will always give you one or more reasons to look back to where certain events occurred. This makes FPS games inspirational, motivational and exciting. If you are bored and tire of romantic scenes, simply try FPS games. These games will help you see the future projection of the world.

Samsung CFG70 Review – 27″ Curved 144hz Gaming Monitor

Gaming is one of the industry that is blooming brightly today. There are many gamers all over the world, who enjoy the premium gaming experience. Many ventures and studios bring new game titles, which are full of amazing content and provide an awesome experience. Several big studios like Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Blizzard and many more are making fortunes by producing amazing games. Along with these companies producing games, the gaming industry has also prospered the hardware firms manufacturing specialized gaming hardware like GPUs, Monitors, keyboards and Mouse.

To enrich their gaming experience, gamers are ready to spend money on the hardware. There are several high end gaming tech, which can cost up to thousand dollars. There are highly powerful laptops and machines made exclusively for gaming. The keyboards and mouse designed with higher key press motion and variable sensitivity density respectively, which are made especially for gaming. The monitors with higher resolution and refresh rate to provide smooth gameplay. Among this range of gaming monitors, one of the best 144hz monitor is the Samsung CFG70.

Samsung CFG70 Specifications

Samsung CFG70

  • Screen size – 24 inches.
  • Screen Resolution – 1080p HD.
  • Aspect Ratio of the display – 16 : 9
  • Refresh Rate – 144hz
  • Response Time – 1ms
  • Color Contrast Ratio – 3000 : 1
  • Speakers – 2 Built – in speakers, option for 3.5 mm jack.
  • Connectivity – 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port


General Review

The Samsung CFG70 is all set to attract attention among the tech enthusiasts. This lovely curved display is one of the best gaming monitor in the market today. Equipped with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, this monitor is aimed at providing ultimate viewing experience to the gamers. Let’s dive into a detailed review.

  • Design

Samsung has created a broad based tall monitor with sleek design. The special dual – hinged arm design looks like a robotic hand supporting the actual display. The lovely 1800R curvature display steals your attention right away. Available in matte black finish, CFG70 is a lovely monitor.

  • Performance

The performance of this monitor can be explained in a single entity; the lightning fast 1ms response time. Rather than increasing the pixel density of the display or upgrading to Ultra HD settings, Samsung has given CFG70, a standard Full HD with standard 16: 9 ratio, but with a wide 178 degree viewing angle. Mastering the high 144hz refresh rate, which essentially means the monitor can refresh 144 frames per second. This high refresh rate, gives amazing reaction time and decreases the latency which was important for online multiplayer games like Counter Strike Global Offensive. Designed with VA panel, Samsung has provided good viewing points for this monitor. The high contrast ratio provides an accurate display of color gradient. Overall the monitor has an immersive fluid feel and a rich experience which is enhanced by the lovely curved display.

  • Compatibility

The monitor requires a high grade GPU and accepts inputs through HDMI or display ports. It supports high 140 fps games, which can be achieved on really high configuration of processor and RAM modules.

  • Price

This monitor is available in US for a high price of 370 USD. There are similar models for around 100 dollars less than CFG70 by different prominent companies, but Samsung doesn’t offer that badly a deal. There are few performance perks that gives an edge to CFG70 over the other displays.

There are several monitors offering 144hz refresh rate, but CFG70 has a significant advantage of low response time which makes it a popular choice among the hardcore and multiplayer gamers.