A while back Netflix introduced a key feature on its platform. This feature allows its users who share the same account to create multiple profiles. This was done in a bid to assist Netflix users to get better suggestions from this internet video service provider. A single account can now have up to a maximum of five profiles. This came as an advantage because people who use the same account but enjoy watching different shows will not have a problem with the suggestions anymore.

In order to switch between profiles on Netflix, first of all, the users must create their profiles under their preferred account.


Step#1: Login into your Netflix account using a browser

Step#2: Click on your default profile which is located on the upper right corner. This will give you a drop-down menu.

Step#3: Click on “manage profiles” from the drop-down menu that appears in step 2 above.

A screen will appear where you can choose to manage the already existing profiles.

For our case, we won’t be moderating the profiles. We will be adding profiles. Move on to step 4 for this.

Step#4: Click the add profile button

Step#5: Name the profile, select whether it is for kids or not and then click continue.

Follow the above steps to add more profiles up to a maximum of five.

Now, what we need to learn is how to switch between profiles.

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Step#1: Click or tap on the current profile on the top right corner

This will bring up all the profiles that you have already added on your Netflix account. On your computer, you will get a drop-down menu which contains all your profile. On iPad and Apple TV you get a pop-up window.

Step#2: Select the profile that you wish to switch to.

This will bring up the profile on the top right corner of the screen and Netflix will suggest the shows to watch with regard to what the owner of that profile has been watching during the previous sessions.

One thing to note about Netflix profiles is that they are not available on devices that were produced before 2013.


1)They allow the user to get a personalized experience as Netflix is able to give TV shows and movie suggestions as based on what they like or what they have been watching during the previous sessions.

2)It allows you to set the maturity level. For example, if you have kids, you can set their level of maturity and then Netflix will make sure that it suggest content that is good for the age bracket provided.

3)It gives the user ability to set the language that he or she prefers.

4)It allows each and every profile a chance to offer their ratings and reviews.

5)It provides you with the recently watched list.

6)Playback settings are also allowed per profile


Introduction of the ability to switch between profiles on Netflix has brought a lot of advantages to Netflix users as Netflix suggestion engine is working perfectly for each and everyone who is using the account.

Now, people in the same household can enjoy Netflix without having to deal with annoying suggestions.

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