Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Home and Body

Hard water is all around us. It is basically denied as water with dissolved minerals and impurities. If you do not have enough information about water softeners, you may end up on the wrong end of the following negative side effects.

Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Home

Hard water has been cited as the cause of some common household problems. The most common effect of hard water is clogging pipes. Minerals in hard water cause clogs that may lead to pipe breakage and water leaks. Hard water is also responsible for a number of other household issues. Research has shown that appliances in a homestead using hard water usually run less efficiently and have a shorter lifespan. It may also cause unsightly environments in your home. Hard water leaves stains on sinks, bathtubs, and showers. It leaves a thick scale on these water fixtures. Washing clothes using hard water may lead to damage to the fabric quality and color. All these effects can, however, be avoided by the use of water softeners.

Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

The body is the pinnacle of our health. It is however under constant health hazards when using hard water. Research into its effect on the human body has revealed a number of negative side effects that may trigger or even aggravate ill health. High levels of calcium and magnesium in the body may cause health problems.

Cardiovascular diseases

The leading risk in the use of hard water is cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that there is increased risk of cardiovascular diseases with people who use hard water. Heart diseases and high blood pressure have in many instances been associated with the condition.

Skin problems

The skin experiences some negative effects including skin irritation and acne. Hard water has been seen to react with various skin oils to form salts and other compounds on the skin. The resulting compounds may cause dryness and irritation. The same effect further extends onto the hair where it leads to eventual hair breakage and difficulty in maintenance.

Other conditions

Hard water has also been associated with increased risk of reproductive failure among adults. More research indicates that hard water correlates with growth retardation among children. Certain types of cancers including gastric and colon cancers have been associated with the use of hard water. it has been discovered that some of the minerals present in hard water increase the probability of cancerous developments on most organs. Other terminal illnesses such as diabetes are also associated with hard water.


Most of the water we have access to is hard water. It has a variety of dissolved minerals that may have the potential for some adverse negative effects on both your home and body. These effects can, however, be countered by the use of water softeners before using the water. Water softeners get rid of these minerals leaving you with clean safe water. This move may save you a lot in both health and plumbing services in the end. So what are you waiting for, start using a water softener for a better-healthier tomorrow.

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