Latest PUBG Xbox One Update Out Now

The PTS which remains the test server for PUBG was opened so that players could try new games. It also helped players to have a taste of the Xbox One edition of PUBG. While the server is currently closed, the latest updates are now available in the actual game. In the latest update, players will find every powerful weapon that PUBG offers. There are also the addition of new vehicles and firearm.

PUBG Xbox One Update

Players will discover the latest improvement added to the UI and both servers of AS & OC have been combined together. Another great improvement is the leaderboards with unique upgrade. Tweaking has occurred in players swimming, shooting and sprinting. Players can easily recognize gunshots direction due to the upgrade of the sound system.

The new flight path remains the biggest update that has been added to the PUBG Xbox One. This change can be found on the map of the game before you start playing. With this change, players will be able to make a decision on the right position to fly prior to getting to the plane. It will also help to boost the organization with teammates.

It is now possible to imagine what the opposition will be when an Xbox One player experiences total defeat. There is every possibility to see the actions of the nearest player when killed to discover the actual area death occurred. Once a player is dead, the new update helps to speculate what the next action will be. It is a great update that helps to speculate on things that may happen to a player in the game. In the team platform, it will be difficult what happens until everyone is removed.

Patch Notes From PUBG Xbox One Update


  • Increased ADS changing speed
  • Adjustment of SMGs so as to become more actionable in fighting
  • Vector will be a little bit easier and simpler to notice
  • Scope sway and reduction recoil moving in ADS
  • Reduced vertical recoil on SMGs
  • Increased limb shots modifier


  • Increased limb shots modifier
  • Duckbills and shotgun chokes are a little bit less effective
  • Effective range and increased general damage
  • Pistols
  • Reduced pellet spread

New Vehicle And Weapon:

  • The SLR will spread alongside with the regular world loot
  • The Mirado remains a modern and innovative muscle car

New Attachments:

  • Half grip
  • Thumb grip
  • Light grip
  • Duckbill
  • Scope 6x
  • Scope 3x

Swimming And Boat Adjustments:

  • For breath recovery time, increased delay has been added from 1 to 4 seconds
  • Ten damages per second can now be taken provided you run out of air
  • When damaged, boat cannot sink
  • The submersible time is now reduced from thirty-five to fifteen seconds


The latest PUBG Xbox One update will make you like the features of the new game. It is designed with a plethora of features that will help you learn faster than anticipated. Above all, the interface of the game is coming out in a renew format that aids simple and easy gameplay. Players can now explore this update and know what to expect when playing.

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