Fortnite Mobile Might Be A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive

The Fortnite mobile edition has been something that most gamers anticipated for a long time. The iOS edition of the game has been released around March of this year. This keeps the android or mobile version in a total suspense. In the summer of this year, Epic informed the public that something innovative and new will shock the world.

Fortnite Mobile

According to some reliable source, the release of the Galaxy Note 9 may coincide with the Fortnite mobile version.
Could it be that the Fortnite mobile edition of the game is simply the Galaxy Note 9? Well, time will tell as gamers wait to see the final release. News outlets broke special information on the collaboration of Samsung and Epic concerning the Fortnite latest mobile game. The collaboration is cascaded on making the Galaxy Note 9 exclusive with a thirty day release. While some people may doubt the authenticity of this information, it really makes sense to think about for a second.

The attempt can simply make some Fortnite critics to purchase a new phone in the order of the Samsung Note 9. This will also provide you the opportunity to have access to the Fortnite mobile edition. According to one online source, it is evident that Samsung may release something new around August for Galaxy Note 9. Will this correspond with the event of Epic and Samsung collaborating together? It is only an assumption at this stage and may eventually become reality.

With this assumption, it is fair to mention that late September may be a great moment to have access to the Fortnite mobile version. There is every possibility that the collaboration between Epic and Samsung may go beyond an ordinary exclusive deal. According to sources, there is every possibility for a deal that extends beyond 100-150 dollars to be offered to the public. This offer will be available for subscribers opting for the pre-order stage of the product or the Galaxy Note 9.

There will also be another offer for people that are not interested in the V-Bucks but want a Galaxy Note 9. This special offer also comes with a package of AKG wireless headphones. The most important thing to know is that anything presented here should be taken with a grain of salt. This is because the actual details concerning this deal have not been officially confirmed. The truth is that you may eventually discover that both Epic and Samsung may go into a strong partnership to unleash a great product to the public.

Will the Fortnite mobile be a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive? Nobody or source can confirm this information at the moment. The most important to know is that gamers should be ready to receive the August release from Epic as a huge surprise. If it later turns out to be as discussed above, then you will be happy to be the first people to get access to the game. Until then, players can continue to speculate.

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