The 5 Best Horror Movies of 2017 So Far

So many terrific movies have been released this year. Generally, horror movies are free from criticism may be due to its genre which may not be regarded by critics. In 2017, some of the horror movies that have hit the theaters do not meet the expectation of being a ‘horror movie’ in the first place. Some films like the Ring is terrible and outrightly disappointing. However, this should not be discouraging since most horror films have the capacity of keeping the audience glued to the screen and producing a very interesting fiction. A good film will attract all the attention of its audience and here are some of the greatest horror movies to look for.

1. It Comes At Night

The most stressful and difficult thing in the world is the fear of the unknown. Everyone is scared of the unknown in their daily lives, their children’s safety, their future and what the next day might bring. In this film, it is evident that the world has become a dangerous place with a rapidly spreading plague that is quickly eliminating the world’s population. The starring family has fled to look for safety in the isolated woods. However, this safety seems to be shattered when they are joined by a strange person and his family in this small secure cabin. Their quiet peaceful life is on the verge of destruction as each family blames the other for living with the plague.

The film is claustrophobic and intense revolving around the fears and tensions of the characters. The atmosphere of the film can be described as eerie. If you have MovieBox for iOS 11, you can watch the movie for free using the app. It is the most disturbing and affecting as compared to other murder-filled graphic films.

2. Get Out

The film star, Chris, is a black photographer who has a white girlfriend. On his extended weekend, he visits the girlfriend’s family and notices something unusual with his other neighboring minorities. When he is taking a photo of a black guest with seizures, he is warned to get out. Trying to explain the weird characters of other blacks makes the family know that he is conscious of what is going on. Being sure of his suspicion, he attempts to escape. But this attempt fails as he is captured and detained. The film is horror mixed with social satire where Jordan Peele (the director) addresses the pressing issues between the black culture and white liberalism in a very smart way.

Articulating race relations on-screen can be very difficult especially when the background team is not of the targeted race. However, Peele appropriately addresses some of these issues with a great sense of horror in it.

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3. Tragedy Girls

The film feature two high school girls who live normal lives just like any other teenage girl would do. However, their hobbies and selfies are questionable. They like taking cheerleading and their selfies contain murderous activities. They carry out their murderous activities with great enthusiasm while reporting it online at the same time. The two psychopaths, Brianna Hilderbrand and Alexandra Shipp act like very innocent teenagers which is contrary to what they really are. Tragedy Girls Mixes the horror genre with high school teen movie genre blending into a delightful horror comedy.

4. Raw

Justin, the film star, attends a veterinary school where she finds some unusual self-awakening. She is a bit nervous but finally succumbs to this desires and lust for cannibalism. Acting unconsciously on her thirst for blood and hunger for flesh, she begins to realize her true identity and here is where the audience will start to wonder whether the film is horror or just a depiction of what lies in the future. What makes Raw unique is the fact that it does not rely on supernatural elements. It depicts cannibalism as erotic while symbolizing the emergence of some primal instincts using Justine.

5. Life

In this film, the International Space crew captures a sample from Mars which might help them prove that there some life in the extraterrestrial space. At the station, they find a cell which develops into a complex organism. The organism grows rapidly grows into a hostile creature which consumes every organism in its vicinity even the members of the crew! The crew tries to find a way of defending themselves from the creature and prevent it from accessing the earth. However, they are trapped in space and have lost any possible communication with the earth. Life has a solid cast which gives the horrifying effect everyone is looking for in a horror film.


The genre of horror films stands out in particular forms such as science fiction thrillers, supernatural and violent psychological movies. Although more anticipated thriller movies are set to be released in fall. The best horror films above are worth watching while waiting for many more.

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