13 Reasons Why: A Netflix Must Watch

13 reasons why is a must watch Netflix teen suicide series. The film handles the subject of suicide in an interesting and thoughtful manner. Directed and produced by Tom McCarthy, the 13 episode drama takes viewers through emotional confusion and grief. The film fleshes out Jay Asher’s novel in a manner that brings out the cold-hearted surrounding in high school while at the same time revolving around the turns by the newcomer Australian Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette. The movie is indeed a mature piece of youth-adult adaption.

The drama starts at school and delves into motions of grief following the demise of Hannah Baker (Langford). Everything turns into sad-faced selfies and tears in the classroom lectures. Hannah, on her part, confesses that some things do not have simple explanations.

Before her untimely death, Hannah had recorded several cassettes. In the cassettes, Hannah had explained her actions before she set into motion a chain system aimed at passing the tapes to the people she felt she owes much, one after another. In the tapes, Hannah recounts a series of experiences accompanied by specific locations. The tapes are monitored thus leading to the creation of web secrecy among different persons accused of different crimes.

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The story continues to unfold as the tapes find their way into the hands of Clay (Dylan Minnette). Clay had a crush on Hannah before she ended her life. It is hard to convince anyone that Clay might have been behind the death of Hannah, a woman he had openly shown that he is attracted to. Clay takes advantage of the whole situation to blackmail other culpable persons on these tapes. It is clear that no one wants the circle of trust widened in to order to bring onboard law enforcement agents or parents. Clay finds himself freaking after he discovered what had happened to Hannah. Although the novel was written over ten years ago, the number of readers has been on the rise because of the thrilling story. It is evident that very few students enjoyed high school education. The children in schools are known to pick on each other and tormenting one another because of different reasons.

There are different things that keep changing over years. Cyberbullying, revenge porn, and sexting became nascent as the book was published. The book has been structured such that it appears like a back to forth story between Clay’s and taped narration from Hannah. From the look of the title of the book seems like an episode structure. Brian Yorkey realizes that the book does not include some of the characters. The expansion of the bag is considered a mixed story. As Hannah’s parents are in pursuit of the legal action against their daughter, the schools pull the episodes. The plot of the books clearly shows that there are possibilities that the will be a second season. All the episodes are amply conclusive in nature. The film has, however, diluted the back to forth the structure of the story as well as clarity.

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