Fortnite Mobile Might Be A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive

The Fortnite mobile edition has been something that most gamers anticipated for a long time. The iOS edition of the game has been released around March of this year. This keeps the android or mobile version in a total suspense. In the summer of this year, Epic informed the public that something innovative and new will shock the world.

Fortnite Mobile

According to some reliable source, the release of the Galaxy Note 9 may coincide with the Fortnite mobile version.
Could it be that the Fortnite mobile edition of the game is simply the Galaxy Note 9? Well, time will tell as gamers wait to see the final release. News outlets broke special information on the collaboration of Samsung and Epic concerning the Fortnite latest mobile game. The collaboration is cascaded on making the Galaxy Note 9 exclusive with a thirty day release. While some people may doubt the authenticity of this information, it really makes sense to think about for a second.

The attempt can simply make some Fortnite critics to purchase a new phone in the order of the Samsung Note 9. This will also provide you the opportunity to have access to the Fortnite mobile edition. According to one online source, it is evident that Samsung may release something new around August for Galaxy Note 9. Will this correspond with the event of Epic and Samsung collaborating together? It is only an assumption at this stage and may eventually become reality.

With this assumption, it is fair to mention that late September may be a great moment to have access to the Fortnite mobile version. There is every possibility that the collaboration between Epic and Samsung may go beyond an ordinary exclusive deal. According to sources, there is every possibility for a deal that extends beyond 100-150 dollars to be offered to the public. This offer will be available for subscribers opting for the pre-order stage of the product or the Galaxy Note 9.

There will also be another offer for people that are not interested in the V-Bucks but want a Galaxy Note 9. This special offer also comes with a package of AKG wireless headphones. The most important thing to know is that anything presented here should be taken with a grain of salt. This is because the actual details concerning this deal have not been officially confirmed. The truth is that you may eventually discover that both Epic and Samsung may go into a strong partnership to unleash a great product to the public.

Will the Fortnite mobile be a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive? Nobody or source can confirm this information at the moment. The most important to know is that gamers should be ready to receive the August release from Epic as a huge surprise. If it later turns out to be as discussed above, then you will be happy to be the first people to get access to the game. Until then, players can continue to speculate.

Latest PUBG Xbox One Update Out Now

The PTS which remains the test server for PUBG was opened so that players could try new games. It also helped players to have a taste of the Xbox One edition of PUBG. While the server is currently closed, the latest updates are now available in the actual game. In the latest update, players will find every powerful weapon that PUBG offers. There are also the addition of new vehicles and firearm.

PUBG Xbox One Update

Players will discover the latest improvement added to the UI and both servers of AS & OC have been combined together. Another great improvement is the leaderboards with unique upgrade. Tweaking has occurred in players swimming, shooting and sprinting. Players can easily recognize gunshots direction due to the upgrade of the sound system.

The new flight path remains the biggest update that has been added to the PUBG Xbox One. This change can be found on the map of the game before you start playing. With this change, players will be able to make a decision on the right position to fly prior to getting to the plane. It will also help to boost the organization with teammates.

It is now possible to imagine what the opposition will be when an Xbox One player experiences total defeat. There is every possibility to see the actions of the nearest player when killed to discover the actual area death occurred. Once a player is dead, the new update helps to speculate what the next action will be. It is a great update that helps to speculate on things that may happen to a player in the game. In the team platform, it will be difficult what happens until everyone is removed.

Patch Notes From PUBG Xbox One Update


  • Increased ADS changing speed
  • Adjustment of SMGs so as to become more actionable in fighting
  • Vector will be a little bit easier and simpler to notice
  • Scope sway and reduction recoil moving in ADS
  • Reduced vertical recoil on SMGs
  • Increased limb shots modifier


  • Increased limb shots modifier
  • Duckbills and shotgun chokes are a little bit less effective
  • Effective range and increased general damage
  • Pistols
  • Reduced pellet spread

New Vehicle And Weapon:

  • The SLR will spread alongside with the regular world loot
  • The Mirado remains a modern and innovative muscle car

New Attachments:

  • Half grip
  • Thumb grip
  • Light grip
  • Duckbill
  • Scope 6x
  • Scope 3x

Swimming And Boat Adjustments:

  • For breath recovery time, increased delay has been added from 1 to 4 seconds
  • Ten damages per second can now be taken provided you run out of air
  • When damaged, boat cannot sink
  • The submersible time is now reduced from thirty-five to fifteen seconds


The latest PUBG Xbox One update will make you like the features of the new game. It is designed with a plethora of features that will help you learn faster than anticipated. Above all, the interface of the game is coming out in a renew format that aids simple and easy gameplay. Players can now explore this update and know what to expect when playing.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide – Survival Tips For Beginners

The online gaming arena is loaded with battle royale game activities. Games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and DayZ are currently getting more popular. In the case of Fortnite, the structure of the game is a bit advanced. This helps to give the game a new and innovative edge over other consoles. If you are a newbie, reading through this article will help you to learn new survival tips.

Battle Royale Guide

Architecture 101:

Ensure that your pickaxe is ready once you have arrived from the borders. Go ahead to mine every item you find in the environment. Players should be able to determine what is useful and not. Once you strike anything, ensure to check the blue spot. Players should always target the blue spot and make speedy harvest.

Remain In The Outskirts:

Provided you are able to find a safe place to stay after arriving, ensure to loot as many items available. When looting, it should be a gradual process. The best place to stay is around the outskirts of the entire environment. Try to run to a safe place when the fields begin to arrive. It can be challenging to design homes in the presence of the storm. When you operate from the outskirts, there are fewer opponents.

Welcome Gold Miners:

The shining gold environment should be monitored appropriately and carefully listen to money sound. When you are close to a chest, there is every possibility to hear a shimmering sound. If you are not able to find any item around your vicinity, then explore the above departments. Mine the ceiling after creating staircase. If players go ahead to dig beneath the chest, you will only be successful to damage it.

The Rainbow Colors:

Using guns in Fortnite battle royale games remain simple. Fortnite makes use of color coding method to display the strength of guns. Below are the combinations:

  • Gold – mythic
  • Gray – common
  • Orange – legendary
  • Green – uncommon
  • Purple – epic
  • Blue – rare

When a color category of the same equipment bigger than yours is seen, simply dodge it and get more heat.

Arrive Far Away From The Fray:

At first glance, you may be tempted to arrive where people can find enough loot. The only thing to do at that point is to overcome the temptation. Remember that the thoughts of everyone at that point are almost the same. Only the experienced will be able to know how to gather more items without struggling much. For this reason, it is a good idea to go far from the fray when you start playing Fortnite as a newbie. The main goal is to ensure that sufficient survival techniques are available to help you.

Using these tips will help you to play well in the Fortnite battle royale game. If you are able to apply the tips above properly, then becoming a professional will not be difficult. In the Fortnite battle royale game, it only takes you to master certain strategies and remain comfortable.

Top 5 Most Iconic FPS Games of This Generation

FPS games are wonderful, great and exciting especially if you can be patient. These games come with sophisticated and elegant interfaces that can help to improve your gaming skills and experience. Take a ride and see the top five most iconic FPS games of all time.

The Darkness 2:

This is simply a love storyline that you will like. The Darkness 2 depicts the story of a former mobster that is trying to understand what happened to his deceased girlfriend. This mobster went to annihilate enemies with the help of demonic tentacle powers and large automatic weapons. The mobster ensured to use both methods at the same to ensure total elimination of his enemies.


This is a combative story with a comprehensive description of being in the shooting industry for over twenty years. The main character in the game spent a lot of years trying to understand the basic regulations and rules prior to mixing up with other people to form a new team. The gameplay experience in the game is different due to a plethora of characters. Each of the nine characters in the game has the capability of becoming potentially great.

Star Wars Battlefront:

This is a first-person shooter game that has tons of amazing activities to offer. For some of the most popular figures in the Star Wars world, this game is almost a near-simulation mode. It is sort of an ancient figured game than the original film. The studio hallmarks can still be found in the game. This includes gorgeous graphics, specialized weapons and classy variety. Each of the mentioned items above has passed through the lens of the sci-fi world.

Honorable Mentions:

This is an influential and amazing FPS game with a secure environment. Honorable mentions come with a gamut of genres that will keep you busy from begin to the end. The shooter game also displays the sense of craftsmen in a given industry trying to display their competence. While there are deceptive scenes in the game, you will also learn about people of the masterclass intelligence.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops 3:

This game depicts a World War II generation shooter recreation. It helps you see how the war was fought in a tense and tough platform. There are games that help to explain the Vietnam War, Cold War, and even modern-day battles. Call Of Duty is also a kind of game that will help to give real-time battle scenarios. The CoD legacy is a pure projection of the Black Ops 3 known as the current Goldilocks. This implies that the scene remains in the middle and feels perfectly right about it.

FPS games will always give you one or more reasons to look back to where certain events occurred. This makes FPS games inspirational, motivational and exciting. If you are bored and tire of romantic scenes, simply try FPS games. These games will help you see the future projection of the world.

Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Home and Body

Hard water is all around us. It is basically denied as water with dissolved minerals and impurities. If you do not have enough information about water softeners, you may end up on the wrong end of the following negative side effects.

Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Home

Hard water has been cited as the cause of some common household problems. The most common effect of hard water is clogging pipes. Minerals in hard water cause clogs that may lead to pipe breakage and water leaks. Hard water is also responsible for a number of other household issues. Research has shown that appliances in a homestead using hard water usually run less efficiently and have a shorter lifespan. It may also cause unsightly environments in your home. Hard water leaves stains on sinks, bathtubs, and showers. It leaves a thick scale on these water fixtures. Washing clothes using hard water may lead to damage to the fabric quality and color. All these effects can, however, be avoided by the use of water softeners.

Negative Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

The body is the pinnacle of our health. It is however under constant health hazards when using hard water. Research into its effect on the human body has revealed a number of negative side effects that may trigger or even aggravate ill health. High levels of calcium and magnesium in the body may cause health problems.

Cardiovascular diseases

The leading risk in the use of hard water is cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that there is increased risk of cardiovascular diseases with people who use hard water. Heart diseases and high blood pressure have in many instances been associated with the condition.

Skin problems

The skin experiences some negative effects including skin irritation and acne. Hard water has been seen to react with various skin oils to form salts and other compounds on the skin. The resulting compounds may cause dryness and irritation. The same effect further extends onto the hair where it leads to eventual hair breakage and difficulty in maintenance.

Other conditions

Hard water has also been associated with increased risk of reproductive failure among adults. More research indicates that hard water correlates with growth retardation among children. Certain types of cancers including gastric and colon cancers have been associated with the use of hard water. it has been discovered that some of the minerals present in hard water increase the probability of cancerous developments on most organs. Other terminal illnesses such as diabetes are also associated with hard water.


Most of the water we have access to is hard water. It has a variety of dissolved minerals that may have the potential for some adverse negative effects on both your home and body. These effects can, however, be countered by the use of water softeners before using the water. Water softeners get rid of these minerals leaving you with clean safe water. This move may save you a lot in both health and plumbing services in the end. So what are you waiting for, start using a water softener for a better-healthier tomorrow.

Samsung CFG70 Review – 27″ Curved 144hz Gaming Monitor

Gaming is one of the industry that is blooming brightly today. There are many gamers all over the world, who enjoy the premium gaming experience. Many ventures and studios bring new game titles, which are full of amazing content and provide an awesome experience. Several big studios like Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Blizzard and many more are making fortunes by producing amazing games. Along with these companies producing games, the gaming industry has also prospered the hardware firms manufacturing specialized gaming hardware like GPUs, Monitors, keyboards and Mouse.

To enrich their gaming experience, gamers are ready to spend money on the hardware. There are several high end gaming tech, which can cost up to thousand dollars. There are highly powerful laptops and machines made exclusively for gaming. The keyboards and mouse designed with higher key press motion and variable sensitivity density respectively, which are made especially for gaming. The monitors with higher resolution and refresh rate to provide smooth gameplay. Among this range of gaming monitors, one of the best 144hz monitor is the Samsung CFG70.

Samsung CFG70 Specifications

Samsung CFG70

  • Screen size – 24 inches.
  • Screen Resolution – 1080p HD.
  • Aspect Ratio of the display – 16 : 9
  • Refresh Rate – 144hz
  • Response Time – 1ms
  • Color Contrast Ratio – 3000 : 1
  • Speakers – 2 Built – in speakers, option for 3.5 mm jack.
  • Connectivity – 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port


General Review

The Samsung CFG70 is all set to attract attention among the tech enthusiasts. This lovely curved display is one of the best gaming monitor in the market today. Equipped with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, this monitor is aimed at providing ultimate viewing experience to the gamers. Let’s dive into a detailed review.

  • Design

Samsung has created a broad based tall monitor with sleek design. The special dual – hinged arm design looks like a robotic hand supporting the actual display. The lovely 1800R curvature display steals your attention right away. Available in matte black finish, CFG70 is a lovely monitor.

  • Performance

The performance of this monitor can be explained in a single entity; the lightning fast 1ms response time. Rather than increasing the pixel density of the display or upgrading to Ultra HD settings, Samsung has given CFG70, a standard Full HD with standard 16: 9 ratio, but with a wide 178 degree viewing angle. Mastering the high 144hz refresh rate, which essentially means the monitor can refresh 144 frames per second. This high refresh rate, gives amazing reaction time and decreases the latency which was important for online multiplayer games like Counter Strike Global Offensive. Designed with VA panel, Samsung has provided good viewing points for this monitor. The high contrast ratio provides an accurate display of color gradient. Overall the monitor has an immersive fluid feel and a rich experience which is enhanced by the lovely curved display.

  • Compatibility

The monitor requires a high grade GPU and accepts inputs through HDMI or display ports. It supports high 140 fps games, which can be achieved on really high configuration of processor and RAM modules.

  • Price

This monitor is available in US for a high price of 370 USD. There are similar models for around 100 dollars less than CFG70 by different prominent companies, but Samsung doesn’t offer that badly a deal. There are few performance perks that gives an edge to CFG70 over the other displays.

There are several monitors offering 144hz refresh rate, but CFG70 has a significant advantage of low response time which makes it a popular choice among the hardcore and multiplayer gamers.

Five Tips and Tricks to Find Good Shows on Netflix

Netflix was originated as DVD-by mail service, started in 1997 by Reed Hastings. Customers used to get memberships and then they were mailed DVD which the customers would return after watching. After two years of successful business, it started online streaming alongside the DVD-by mail services. It began Open Connect Initiative in 2011 because of the increasing streaming of the company website. Now, any person can subscribe the site and can watch TV shows and movies. Before 2011, one could get both services, DVD by mail and streaming subscription, in the same package. But after 2011, the company separated the two services and now only streaming services are offered.

Tips to find good shows:

One can find many tips and tricks to find good shows on Netflix, but the following five tips and tricks are quite important and will help a lot in finding good shows on Netflix.

1. See which movies are available:

The company constantly changes its lists of available movies because it purchases and loses broadcasting rights of different movies. It is quite difficult to see the list of all movies from the website of the company but one can watch the lists on third party websites. Find the lists and select the movie or show and then find information about that content on the website of the company. In this way, you can find the best movies or shows.

2. Use better browsing tools:

One should use better-searching tools while searching for movies and shows on the company website and on the third party websites. The following suggestions are quite important and should be applied while searching:

  • Narrow down search terms: For example, science fiction, so that the list of movies and shows is limited to only related ones. This will help in a quick search for your favorite item.
  • Narrow down the search option by putting the date so that you will see only those movies and shows which are in the specified time frame.
  • Ability to switch between profiles on Netflix

3. Get smarter recommendations:

There are some movies and shows which may be your favorite but you don’t know about them. Give detailed information about your choices and rate each movie. The company website will then take this information and notify you if there are items which you may want. This is a very useful trick but it takes time and constant rating of the movies which you watch.

4. Minimizing buffering:

If the buffering icon is constantly appearing on the screen, you need to follow the following steps otherwise you may not be able to watch what you want to.

  • 7. Hold Ctrl-Shift-Alt and press ‘S’ to bring up the bitrate menu.
  • Select the lower number for audio and video to increase chances of smoother streaming.
  • Then click ‘override’.

You can get things back to normal by applying the above-stated steps and then clicking reset in the menu.

5. Take command by using extension:

Theoretically, the company website has a star-rating a system which should work quite well, because it’s personalized to your interests. But sometimes you just want to watch a trailer and see what critics think before pushing play. The Netflix Enhancer extension for Chrome can help, showing IMDB ratings, Rotten Tomatoes scores, and a trailer button when you hover your cursor over a movie.


To conclude with, it is recommended to go through all the above-mentioned steps so that you may not waste your time in searching for your favorite shows and movies. These steps are quite easy and work well. These all highly recommended to ensure that you get what you want.

13 Reasons Why: A Netflix Must Watch

13 reasons why is a must watch Netflix teen suicide series. The film handles the subject of suicide in an interesting and thoughtful manner. Directed and produced by Tom McCarthy, the 13 episode drama takes viewers through emotional confusion and grief. The film fleshes out Jay Asher’s novel in a manner that brings out the cold-hearted surrounding in high school while at the same time revolving around the turns by the newcomer Australian Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette. The movie is indeed a mature piece of youth-adult adaption.

The drama starts at school and delves into motions of grief following the demise of Hannah Baker (Langford). Everything turns into sad-faced selfies and tears in the classroom lectures. Hannah, on her part, confesses that some things do not have simple explanations.

Before her untimely death, Hannah had recorded several cassettes. In the cassettes, Hannah had explained her actions before she set into motion a chain system aimed at passing the tapes to the people she felt she owes much, one after another. In the tapes, Hannah recounts a series of experiences accompanied by specific locations. The tapes are monitored thus leading to the creation of web secrecy among different persons accused of different crimes.

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The story continues to unfold as the tapes find their way into the hands of Clay (Dylan Minnette). Clay had a crush on Hannah before she ended her life. It is hard to convince anyone that Clay might have been behind the death of Hannah, a woman he had openly shown that he is attracted to. Clay takes advantage of the whole situation to blackmail other culpable persons on these tapes. It is clear that no one wants the circle of trust widened in to order to bring onboard law enforcement agents or parents. Clay finds himself freaking after he discovered what had happened to Hannah. Although the novel was written over ten years ago, the number of readers has been on the rise because of the thrilling story. It is evident that very few students enjoyed high school education. The children in schools are known to pick on each other and tormenting one another because of different reasons.

There are different things that keep changing over years. Cyberbullying, revenge porn, and sexting became nascent as the book was published. The book has been structured such that it appears like a back to forth story between Clay’s and taped narration from Hannah. From the look of the title of the book seems like an episode structure. Brian Yorkey realizes that the book does not include some of the characters. The expansion of the bag is considered a mixed story. As Hannah’s parents are in pursuit of the legal action against their daughter, the schools pull the episodes. The plot of the books clearly shows that there are possibilities that the will be a second season. All the episodes are amply conclusive in nature. The film has, however, diluted the back to forth the structure of the story as well as clarity.


A while back Netflix introduced a key feature on its platform. This feature allows its users who share the same account to create multiple profiles. This was done in a bid to assist Netflix users to get better suggestions from this internet video service provider. A single account can now have up to a maximum of five profiles. This came as an advantage because people who use the same account but enjoy watching different shows will not have a problem with the suggestions anymore.

In order to switch between profiles on Netflix, first of all, the users must create their profiles under their preferred account.


Step#1: Login into your Netflix account using a browser

Step#2: Click on your default profile which is located on the upper right corner. This will give you a drop-down menu.

Step#3: Click on “manage profiles” from the drop-down menu that appears in step 2 above.

A screen will appear where you can choose to manage the already existing profiles.

For our case, we won’t be moderating the profiles. We will be adding profiles. Move on to step 4 for this.

Step#4: Click the add profile button

Step#5: Name the profile, select whether it is for kids or not and then click continue.

Follow the above steps to add more profiles up to a maximum of five.

Now, what we need to learn is how to switch between profiles.

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Step#1: Click or tap on the current profile on the top right corner

This will bring up all the profiles that you have already added on your Netflix account. On your computer, you will get a drop-down menu which contains all your profile. On iPad and Apple TV you get a pop-up window.

Step#2: Select the profile that you wish to switch to.

This will bring up the profile on the top right corner of the screen and Netflix will suggest the shows to watch with regard to what the owner of that profile has been watching during the previous sessions.

One thing to note about Netflix profiles is that they are not available on devices that were produced before 2013.


1)They allow the user to get a personalized experience as Netflix is able to give TV shows and movie suggestions as based on what they like or what they have been watching during the previous sessions.

2)It allows you to set the maturity level. For example, if you have kids, you can set their level of maturity and then Netflix will make sure that it suggest content that is good for the age bracket provided.

3)It gives the user ability to set the language that he or she prefers.

4)It allows each and every profile a chance to offer their ratings and reviews.

5)It provides you with the recently watched list.

6)Playback settings are also allowed per profile


Introduction of the ability to switch between profiles on Netflix has brought a lot of advantages to Netflix users as Netflix suggestion engine is working perfectly for each and everyone who is using the account.

Now, people in the same household can enjoy Netflix without having to deal with annoying suggestions.

The 5 Best Horror Movies of 2017 So Far

So many terrific movies have been released this year. Generally, horror movies are free from criticism may be due to its genre which may not be regarded by critics. In 2017, some of the horror movies that have hit the theaters do not meet the expectation of being a ‘horror movie’ in the first place. Some films like the Ring is terrible and outrightly disappointing. However, this should not be discouraging since most horror films have the capacity of keeping the audience glued to the screen and producing a very interesting fiction. A good film will attract all the attention of its audience and here are some of the greatest horror movies to look for.

1. It Comes At Night

The most stressful and difficult thing in the world is the fear of the unknown. Everyone is scared of the unknown in their daily lives, their children’s safety, their future and what the next day might bring. In this film, it is evident that the world has become a dangerous place with a rapidly spreading plague that is quickly eliminating the world’s population. The starring family has fled to look for safety in the isolated woods. However, this safety seems to be shattered when they are joined by a strange person and his family in this small secure cabin. Their quiet peaceful life is on the verge of destruction as each family blames the other for living with the plague.

The film is claustrophobic and intense revolving around the fears and tensions of the characters. The atmosphere of the film can be described as eerie. If you have MovieBox for iOS 11, you can watch the movie for free using the app. It is the most disturbing and affecting as compared to other murder-filled graphic films.

2. Get Out

The film star, Chris, is a black photographer who has a white girlfriend. On his extended weekend, he visits the girlfriend’s family and notices something unusual with his other neighboring minorities. When he is taking a photo of a black guest with seizures, he is warned to get out. Trying to explain the weird characters of other blacks makes the family know that he is conscious of what is going on. Being sure of his suspicion, he attempts to escape. But this attempt fails as he is captured and detained. The film is horror mixed with social satire where Jordan Peele (the director) addresses the pressing issues between the black culture and white liberalism in a very smart way.

Articulating race relations on-screen can be very difficult especially when the background team is not of the targeted race. However, Peele appropriately addresses some of these issues with a great sense of horror in it.

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3. Tragedy Girls

The film feature two high school girls who live normal lives just like any other teenage girl would do. However, their hobbies and selfies are questionable. They like taking cheerleading and their selfies contain murderous activities. They carry out their murderous activities with great enthusiasm while reporting it online at the same time. The two psychopaths, Brianna Hilderbrand and Alexandra Shipp act like very innocent teenagers which is contrary to what they really are. Tragedy Girls Mixes the horror genre with high school teen movie genre blending into a delightful horror comedy.

4. Raw

Justin, the film star, attends a veterinary school where she finds some unusual self-awakening. She is a bit nervous but finally succumbs to this desires and lust for cannibalism. Acting unconsciously on her thirst for blood and hunger for flesh, she begins to realize her true identity and here is where the audience will start to wonder whether the film is horror or just a depiction of what lies in the future. What makes Raw unique is the fact that it does not rely on supernatural elements. It depicts cannibalism as erotic while symbolizing the emergence of some primal instincts using Justine.

5. Life

In this film, the International Space crew captures a sample from Mars which might help them prove that there some life in the extraterrestrial space. At the station, they find a cell which develops into a complex organism. The organism grows rapidly grows into a hostile creature which consumes every organism in its vicinity even the members of the crew! The crew tries to find a way of defending themselves from the creature and prevent it from accessing the earth. However, they are trapped in space and have lost any possible communication with the earth. Life has a solid cast which gives the horrifying effect everyone is looking for in a horror film.


The genre of horror films stands out in particular forms such as science fiction thrillers, supernatural and violent psychological movies. Although more anticipated thriller movies are set to be released in fall. The best horror films above are worth watching while waiting for many more.